By: Jeanna | January 25, 2018

To put it simply, IPL uses a series of flashes while lasers are focused beams. In short, there is a higher success rate in the treatment of hair removal with laser!

Laser emits a single, focused and precise wavelength that’s absorbed by the hair follicle. IPL uses a broad spectrum of high-intensity light, which is emitted at multiple wavelengths.

Lasers are monochromatic, which means that light emitted from a laser is of one wavelengths (colour). IPL is NOT monochromatic – it uses many different colours, with only a small amount of these colours being effective in the treatment of hair reduction.

Laser is coherent, which means the light is totally reinforcing and does not cancel itself out. The coherent light produced by laser differs from ordinary light, as it is made up of waves that are all the same wavelength and all in step with one another. IPL is not coherent, and is not reinforcing – which makes it less effective in the treatment of hair reduction.

Laser is collimated. The light waves are parallel and divergent using a single beam of light. This makes laser light very powerful, as nearly 100% of the light can be effective in the treatment of hair reduction. IPL is not collimated. This means that the light is quick to spread out and scatter across the skin, making it less effective in the treatment of hair reduction.

Here at Southern Downs Skin & Laser Clinic, our laser technicians are highly trained and certified – as well as being certified with Radiation Health Queensland. We use Candela Medical Grade Lasers, which have the fastest results and higher safety profiles compared with any other devices.

If you’re interested in starting your laser hair removal journey, why not book in with us for a complimentary consultation? We are happy to answer any further questions you might have.

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